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About Us​

Message from our Managing Partner

After more than three decades, we are honoured that mutual trust and cooperation with our clients, individuals and companies, place us amongst the leading law firms in Kuwait. We continuously appreciate the opportunity we are being given to serve all our clients, local, regional and foreign.
In an age of globalisation, we realise that our clients need more from us than ever before. They need access to in-depth expertise, uniquely tailored services and faster responses with real-world solutions. They need modularity in the roles that we play within their organisation and flexibility of the resources that can be allocated to them.
I believe it is what we have succeeded in accomplishing.

Meshari Al Osaimi Law Firm strives daily to provide the most extensive legal services to its clients while paying close attention to understanding and addressing their real needs.

We help provide the legal foundation to sophisticated business transactions, help protect the rights and interest of our clients, and help them achieve their objectives while saving them both time and money.
On behalf of Meshari Al Osaimi Law Firm team members, I would like to thank you for the continued trust that you have placed upon us and look forward to nurturing that trust for the years to come.

Managing Partner Lawyer Hassan Al Mousawi


Meshari Al Osaimi Law firm is one of the oldest legal service providers in Kuwait. It was established more than three decades ago by two prominent lawyers; Hamad Al-Joaan and Meshari Al-Osaimi, both were elected members of Kuwait National Parliament, and later appointed by the government of Kuwait to establish the social security and pension system for the country. Today, our team includes more than hundred (100) lawyers and legal counsels, in addition to paralegals and support staff.

Meshari Al Osaimi Law Firm aims to provide professional legal services; it pays close attention to understanding clients’ needs in order to overcome the challenges that our clients are faced with. Our practice covers a wide range of business and commercial law issues.

We realize that clients operate in a fast changing and evolving business world, particularly in the age of globalization. Naturally, as a result, the law evolves and adapts to the evolution of the business and commercial world. In dealing with continuous changes of different laws and regulations, we are committed to confront such challenges along with our clients, and provide efficient and practical legal solutions that best safeguard our clients’ rights and interests.

What distinguishes our law firm today is best reflected by its team members that are determined and committed to continuously uphold the firm’s fundamental values and principles, and their dedication to support our clients in their present and future endeavors.

Meshari Al Osaimi Law Firm is a leading regional and acclaimed international provider of corporate and personal legal services. Our attorneys provide a level of service, business advice, and legal insight that is highly regarded within our profession.

Partners of the firm are committed to high degrees of involvement with clients, enabling them to handle and overcome a wide array of businesses challenges.

Meshari Al Osaimi provides extensive legal services and fosters a collaborative environment with its clients, an approach which has proven to offer high levels of satisfaction, as evidenced by our many long-standing client relationships.

The firm practices in all major branches of the law including civil, commercial, administrative, labor constitutional and international law.

Much of our work is of a complex nature. We deliver all of it with utmost quality and with the most exacting standards.

Mission Statement

We believe that the role of law firms across the world is not limited to pleading before courts and obtaining judgments. Rather, their role goes beyond this reduction. It is to reach a level of commitment and client involvement to uphold credibility, transparency and satisfaction to clients above all.
Law profession is for us one of duty. One of the most rewarding aspect of our profession is the ability to help our clients reach their most sought-after goals and outcomes. Therefore, we at Meshari Al Osaimi constantly aim to provide out of the box, effective and practical solutions to our clients.

Vision Statement

One of our guiding focuses is to strive on keeping ahead of the latent needs of our Clients. This means adapting our offering to new demands and speciality requirements, staying up-to-date on new trends, new technologies and their legal impacts, and remaining informed on the many sectors of our Clients, to better serve them.

Meshari Al-Osaimi Law Firm has achieved great success as a highly modular and efficient organisation. Indeed our firm, comprised of four main departments, is perhaps the only one in the region capable of handling all of its client’s work in-house. Our goal in the long term is to take this approach further and assemble supporting teams of specialists within the firm, to offer new services and reach higher levels of efficiency.

We aim at continuing the expansion of our firm into new territories, widening our reach into the region and beyond. Our expansion not only benefits the firm but also our client base, by gaining them access to new possibilities and the prospects of new partnerships.




B.A. Kuwait University Law School-1972

Experience :
  • Deputy District Attorney
  • Kuwait National Petroleum Co.-Legal Department, Kuwait Office & London Office.
  • Head Of Legal Department Of Public Institution For Social Security.
  • Lawyer Before Court Of Cassation And Constitutional Supreme Court In The State Of Kuwait.
  • Head Of Kuwait Bar Association-1988-1992.
  • Elected Member Of The Kuwait Parliament For The Sessions 1992, 1996, 1999-2003.
  • Member Of The Parliament Legislative Committee From 1999-2003.
  • Member Of The Parliament Committee For Defending The Public Fund From 1994 – 2002.



Date of Birth :


Job :


Qualification :

Holder of licentiate of law, Cairo, 1970

  • Assistant undersecretary for legal affairs at the Civil Service Council, 1972.
  • Assistant undersecretary for employment planning, 1976.
  • Entrusted with management of the Social Securities Institution, as well as contributing in drafting its law.
  • Member of the 6th National Assembly, 1985.
  • Elected as chairman of the legislative and legal affairs committee at the National Assembly, 1992, for the first, second, third and fourth cycles.
  • Member of the Assembly office for 1992, based on the provision of article 32 of the bylaws of the Assembly which stipulate that the Assembly office is formed of the chairman, vice chairman, secretary and controller, and joined by the chairman of the legislative and legal affairs committee and the financial and economic affairs committee, once it is elected.
  • Chairman of the petitions and complains committee upon resignation of its former chairman, Turki Al Azmi, from the second ordinary cycle, 1992.