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Legal Services

The Firm provides professional legal services in all fields of law, with a track record of delivering expertise in various fields, we aim to provide effective practical solutions; whether instructed by clients in contentious or transactional matters.

All Legal Services

Supporting Departments

Meshari Al Osaimi benefits from a remarkable advantage in its ability to handle various types of legal work, removing the need to delegate work to third-parties or seek outside counsel due to its specialised in-house supporting departments.

All Departments

Sectors & Industries

Meshari Al Osaimi Law Firm aims to provide professional legal services; it pays close attention to understanding clients’ needs in order to overcome the challenges that our clients are faced with. Our practice covers a wide range of business and commercial law issues in multiple sectors.


International Partnerships

In today’s global market economy, international partnerships and collaborations have become integral to many of our clients, and perhaps nowhere is this more apparent than in the Middle East and North African regions where most products are sourced elsewhere.

Meshari Al Osaimi partners with leading full-service law firms around the globe to ensure that high level legal services are available to clients wherever the need arises.

Our law firm carefully selects each partner firm that share its mission, to promote transparency in international business and achieving common high standards in legal practices.

Through our cooperation with leading firms around the globe, we are able to harness the power of the world’s leading organizations of independent law, accounting, auditing and consultancy, expanding our Clients’ legal reach across the world.

Our network of international law consultants is an invaluable tool when attempting to make sound business decisions dependent upon cross-border activities, readily giving Meshari Al Osaimi in-depth understanding of local legal and fiscal differences on a global scale.

Our clients directly benefit from local expertise in a wide range of legal topics, from banking and finance, to real-estate and Intellectual property.