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Abdulaziz Al Ardi

Abdulaziz Al Ardi



Master of Laws, Kuwait University, Kuwait.


Bachelor of Laws, Kuwait University, Kuwait.

Since 2017 to present

Lawyer at Meshari Al Osaimi Law Firm, Kuwait.


Legal Researcher, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, Kuwait.


2015 - 2017

Lawyer, Ahmed Al-Manawer and Habib Al-Manawer for Legal Consultations, Kuwait.


2013 - 2015

Lawyer, Dr. Fares Al-Wa'lan and Dr. Mubarak Al-Wuhaibi  Law Office, Kuwait.

Member of the Kuwait Lawyers' Association.

Researching and providing advice in various branches of Kuwaiti law, including the Penal Code and the laws of pleadings

representing clients in commercial and civil disputes

Attending investigation sessions with prosecutors and investigators of the Ministry of Interior with the complainants, defendants, witnesses, informants and those affected by the commission of crimes

Attending labor investigation sessions with the General Directorate of Labor Disputes

Arabic – English – French