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Hasan Al Mousawi

Hasan Al Mousawi

Partner and Chief Executive Officer


Masters In Commercial & Arbitration Law, Gulf University, Kuwait.


Bachelor Of Law, Kuwait University, Kuwait.

2005 – Present

Partner and Chief Executive Officer​ at Meshari Al Osaimi Law Firm, Kuwait.


Advising on franchising and distribution, proprietary rights protection and licensing. Assists clients that re involved in the sale, distribution and marketing of products and services, both domestically and internationally, through distribution, franchise, dealer, agency and other forms of relationships. Represents clients in various industries.

Drafting agreements and defending clients in breaches of sales contracts. He works on negotiations, the drafting of several model international contracts, such as the international agency, distributorship and franchising agreement. Also, assist clients during the implementation of the contracts when revision of certain terms is required and when they wish to put an end to the relationship.

He also works on Islamic Finance issues, assists clients and investors on financing solutions in accordance with the principles and values of shariah Islamic laws.

He handles all Islamic finance contracts such as bai salaam, ijara, istisna'a, mudaraba, murabaha and musharaka, also works on Islamic capital markets such as the raising of capital through the issuance of sukuk and on real-estate financing structures.