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Dispute Management & Asset Tracing Department

Dispute Management & Asset Tracing Department

Meshari Al Osaimi has assembled an array of forensic accounting, investigative and intelligence resources in order to support the research and discovery efforts of multinational companies and their legal counsel around the world.

Our resources include law enforcement officials, intelligence experts, forensic accountants, computer forensics specialists and litigation support professionals. Our firm also has experts in a variety of industries including energy, healthcare, consumer goods, financial services and hospitality sectors, to contribute insight of industry practices.

By combining private investigation skills and resources with financial investigators, we provide the most effective and integrated solution to securing your capital. Our firm collects distressed debt, either by legal enforcement or through an amicable solution or settlements.

Claims include:

  • Claims against sovereign or quasi-sovereign entities in a risk country arising from contract frustration or disregard of a guarantee by such entity.
  • Claims against corporate entities in risk countries, i.e. debt issued or guaranteed by private corporate entities in these countries.
  • Defaulted bank debt evidenced by loan documentation, letters of credit, promissory notes and bills of exchange issued and/or guaranteed by a central bank or other banks.
  • Claims arising from court judgment.

Legal action might be necessary when a debtor is unwilling to pay his debt. In this case, our firm will manage and coordinate the full recovery process on a no success, no fee basis.

A successful recovery is achieved by our integrated approach whereby we combine legal action with the identification of attachable assets in favorable jurisdictions worldwide. This way our firm ensures that a claim (if necessary enforced by a judgment or an arbitral award) actually gets paid.

Our firm also offers litigation and recovery support services on a stand-alone basis including:

  • Fact-finding missions;
  • Database research;
  • Asset tracing;
  • Investigations and reporting on foreign law issues;
  • Selection of expert witnesses in different fields; and
  • Investigation in and reporting on recoverability of a claim.

We provides custom-made advice on

  • Complex litigation and arbitration;
  • Asset tracing;
  • Debt conversions; and
  • Distressed debt pricing.

Our firm can assess your claim and provide you with possible recovery solutions, including the most desirable legal route.

A significant portion of our work is international in scope, and we have built up longstanding professional relationships with lawyers in other countries, to help coordinate litigation and dispute resolution across the world. We act for many different kinds of clients in their disputes, including:

  • Individuals, families and family offices;
  • Shareholders in public and private companies, members of limited liability companies, company directors and employees;
  • Creditors and creditors’ groups;
  • Property owners, developers and tenants; and
  • People who have suffered loss as a result of professional negligence, or who have been defamed, or wrongfully accused of civil fraud.