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Arbitration, Mediation & ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution)

Arbitration, Mediation & ADR (Alternative Dispute Resolution)

Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) processes enable us to achieve results that meet our clients' business objectives, reduce the expense and delay associated with resolving disputes that are generally coupled with litigation. Our approach to dispute resolution is to offer advisory and consultation to avoid and manage disputes. This approach embraces a full range of resolution options; including negotiation, arbitration, mediation and customized ADR options. It is not surprising that clients today often look to resolve their disputes outside of the court. We are engaged in disputes resolution in various commercial and financial aspects, assisting companies, family based businesses and individuals in pursuing the best ADR solution.

Our services focus on

  • Drafting issues in cross-border agreements
  • Enforceability of the award
  • Choice of law

We have extensive expertise in a wide range of ADR processes including mediation, expert determination and testimonies; we cooperate with other professional service providers and networks covering forensic accounting, health, construction, engineering, energy, etc.